Platinum 5: web content management system (CMS)

Platinum 5 is ready...

The new version of platinum is ready, with a brand new user interface: responsive, faster and more user friendly!!

Motivi eShop

MOTIVI, a well known Italian fashion brand, chooses Platinum CMS to manage its multi-country eCommerce


A product related "webzine" by GSK, based on Platinum CMS, to launch a web 2.0 contest

Lotto Sport

Soccer Tennis Fitness: shoes and clothing for each sport. A renewed web presence based on CMS PLATINUM

Hotels & Resorts

40 yrs. in hospitality experience with hotels & resorts for your holidays. 5+ yrs. with Platinum

Confindustria Bergamo

The Industries Union of Bergamo region has chosen Platinum for its web portal

An OPEN SOURCE CMS that meets YOUR needs as...

Your needs as a Web Agency


  • Reduced website development time
  • No constraints to web designers
  • So many out-of-the-box components
Your Web Marketing & Communication needs


  • Advanced SEO features
  • Develop, send and monitor your newsletters
  • Collect information from your website users
Your needs as a Marketing Department


  • Easy and fast content management
  • Content versioning management
  • Multi-sites with a single instance
Your needs as an IT Department


  • Easy to install and maintain
  • High performances - Caching - Multi hosts
  • Scalable – Clustering
Your System Integration needs


  • Integration with auth. systems and SSO
  • Integrated with Alfresco, YouTube, Facebook, ...
  • Easy to integrate (ESB/SOA ready)
Platinum CMS is integrated with Alfresco
Platinum CMS is integrated with Alfresco ECM, enabling you to access your docs repository from your website.
Platinum has been integrated with several social media & tools, such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Google, WordPress.