Contextualized configurations

Platinum has a main configuration file named "platinum.conf" and stored inside the "WEB-INF/configs" folder. Of course, development, test and production environments need different configurations.

Don't get crazy with configuration files

Platinum can load the correct configutation file: you just set which is the environment where it is running. To set the environment, you can use the cool feature of Tomcat that lets you specify some webapp context parameter outside the webapp.

How? On context XML file you can add a parameter:

"environment" value="test" override="false"/>

The parameter "environment" is used by Platinum to load different configuration files. See below.

The same parameter can be specified inside the web.xml:


(there are some examples about web-sample.xml file within the Platinum package), but this way you need to manage different web.xml file for each environment.

How Platinum uses the environment parameter

When Platinum starts, it loads (and it's required) the "platinum.conf" file. It can be eventually empty, but it cannot be missing. After that, since the file is a Java properties, it tries to load another file named "platinum-[environment].conf", where [environment] is the value of the environement webapp context parameter.

The two files are merged giving priority to key inside the "platinum-[environment].conf".

That approach is perfect to create a basic "platinum.conf" file with common configuration and to have a "different" configuration file to add or change some of them.

Best pratice with versioning and packaging

Working with many developers around the same Platinum-based project, the environment feature can be used to customize the configuration for each developer. You can add as many configurations as the developers are: "platinum-john.conf", "platinum-melissa.conf" and they can be versioned without any conflictual problem.

Different configuration for different deploying evironments can be made and versioned keeping in a single package everything without the hassle to rename file or the risk to override them.


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Platinum CMS is integrated with Alfresco
Platinum CMS is integrated with Alfresco ECM, enabling you to access your docs repository from your website.
Platinum has been integrated with several social media & tools, such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Google, WordPress.