User Profile

When a Platinum user receives a newsletter message, he should be able to "remove" his address from your contact list and to select kinds of communications he want to receive.

Platinum, with the use of "Profile" node, get to the subscriber full control on his data.

When newsletters are sent, they should always contain a link to the profile page. This link is personal: it contains a unique value that identify the user and cannot be guessed to access the profile of other users.

To add such a link inside an email the tag {profile_url} must be used: it will be replaced with a full URL pointing to the user's profile page.

The profile of a user, other than common data like the name and email address, contains a list of public newsletters which user can selected or deselect and a special check box to stop all newsletters.

The latter option is important to avoid to reactivate a user importing a new contact list for a new newsletter containing his address: the opt out is always respected and can be changed only manually by the user or by the administrator.

Setting up the Profile node (important)

Adding a profile node is very simple and it does not need configuration since most of the time the default behaviour is enough.

The important thing is make Platinum to know what profile node you want to be used by default (you might want to add more than one profile node for usability improvement).

The default profile node can be set opening the "home properties" of a root node and setting the relative configuration: that will be the node used by Platinum when it need to address a user to his profile page.


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Your needs as a Web Agency

Web Agency

Reduced website development & delivery time, with no graphical constraints.
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Web Marketing

A content platform that enables you to manage website contents optimized for SEO objectives.
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Manage the digital assets of your company fully independent, with no needs to ask external providers or the IT department.
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A mature and robust platform suitable to manage the Internet / Intranet websites of your company.
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System Integrator

A content platform easy to integrate with external sources (ERP, company DBs, Third-party applications, etc.).
Platinum CMS is integrated with Alfresco
Platinum CMS is integrated with Alfresco ECM, enabling you to access your docs repository from your website.
Platinum has been integrated with several social media & tools, such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Google, WordPress.