Community, Social and Communication tools

A web CMS open to social media, communities and other collaborative web 2.0 tools: from User Generated Contents to on-line Contests.

User Generated Contents (UGC): Photos, Videos and Articles

Platinum provides built-in features to manage users generated contents, that can be submitted through your website such as: a video, a photo, a simple text, an article with a photo. Users posts can be either moderated or not.

Posted Photos and Videos can feed a Flickr photo-album and a YouTube channel, respectively.


Discussions, Comments and Voting                         

Platinum provides built-in features useful to invite people to collaborate and to manage discussions among users, within your website. Each content, either generated by your editorial staff or by online users (UGC), can be both commented and voted by online users.



With a simple click, you can deploy all or just some of your website contents via one or more RSS channels, to enable your users to follow you through an RSS aggregator.


Facebook Social Network                                     

Platinum provides built-in components allowing to interface Facebook groups and fan pages, so as to display in your website most recent subsribers and posts with comments.

The main great benefit provided by this feature is that posts with comments are physically copied from Facebook to Platinum. This means you can display them either in a separate dedicated box or meshed-up with other website contents so that you can make mixed content lists, i.e.: contents created by your editing staff, users generated contents through your website, contents generated by your Facebook group or fan page, mixed all together and subject to filtering actions you want to provide in your website.

Categories and Tags                           

With Platinum you can define categories / subcategories for each website and then use them to categorize your contents.

This enables you to: filter contents by categories; design and develop an advanced website search; set up guided navigation paths by categories; display tag clouds.

Moreover, each content edited with Platinum can be tagged with free-text tags.



By combining UGC, commenting, voting and tagging features you can manage a blog within your website. But, if you already manage a blog through WordPress and wish to integrate it within your website, with Platinum you can. Actually, through a specific plug-in you can automatically copy in Platinum all posts from WordPress and keep your website synchronized with your WordPress blog.



Making opinion polls within your website is as easy as editing a content, with Platinum. For each poll, made by a question with N possible answers, you can follow results and display them in real-time both graphically and textually.


On-line Contests                                  

By combining UGC and Voting features you can manage on-line contests among your website profiled users. A video-contest, photo-contest, or any other content-based contest: you can let people participating to your contest by inviting them to upload their proposed content and then invite all users to vote and comment, hence making top-rated lists. After all, you can easily nominate the contest winners.


Platinum CMS meets YOUR needs as...

Your needs as a Web Agency

Web Agency

Reduced website development & delivery time, with no graphical constraints.
Your Web Marketing & Communication needs

Web Marketing

A content platform that enables you to manage website contents optimized for SEO objectives.
Your needs as a Marketing Department

Marketing Department

Manage the digital assets of your company fully independent, with no needs to ask external providers or the IT department.
Your needs as an IT Department

IT Department

A mature and robust platform suitable to manage the Internet / Intranet websites of your company.
Your System Integration needs

System Integrator

A content platform easy to integrate with external sources (ERP, company DBs, Third-party applications, etc.).
Platinum CMS is integrated with Alfresco
Platinum CMS is integrated with Alfresco ECM, enabling you to access your docs repository from your website.
Platinum has been integrated with several social media & tools, such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Google, WordPress.