Content management with Platinum CMS

A web CMS designed and developed for non-technical users. No need to know programming languages or complex technologies.

Very easy to use                                               

No matter what content type you need to manage in your website, Platinum CMS is easy to use thanks to its user-friendly graphical interface. The page schematic helps you to visualize where to place a graphical component with a simple drag & drop action, thus providing you with a visual wireframe.

The website page structure and organization are highly intuitive: the structure, indeed, is displayed as a tree, wherein you can add or move a page or a whole subset of pages by just simply dragging them with your mouse. You can even display two trees simultanuously, the two trees being either the same website in two different languages (e.g. to copy or move contents from a language to another one) or the staging and production versions of the same website.


Categories and Tags                                       

With Platinum you can define categories / subcategories for each website and then use them to categorize your contents.

This enables you to: filter contents by categories; design and develop an advanced website search; set up guided navigation paths by categories; display tag clouds.

Moreover, each content edited with Platinum can be tagged with free-text tags.


Content indexing and searching (Lucene and SOLR)

All contents (html, htm, txt, pdf, ppt, xls, csv, rtf, doc, etc.) managed through Platinum CMS are full-text indexed by Lucene, one of the most common open-source indexing engine developed in Java.

The search engine can also be SOLR which applies ranks to results and enables to organize them in facets, useful to easily narrow the results of a search. You can even expand indexing by using an ontology, in order to deploy a semantic web search within your website.

Platinum provides a search engine not only in the front-end (your website) but within the back-end too (a non-trivial feature, very useful to search contents which are either published online or off-line within the CMS). Therefore, an operator can search a content, quickly and easily, without even knowing in which website area it is exactly located.

A wide portfolio of out-of-the-box components

All website contents with Platinum are represented by 3 simple object types: Nodes, Graphical Components and Documents. Nodes are just page types (a simple content page, an online form, a news container, etc.). Graphical Components are objects, similar to portlets, that can be placed in a node wireframe (a news list, a google map, a gallery, a calendar, etc.). Documents are content types inside a node (articles, physical files such as pdf, user generated contents, etc.).

Platinum comes with a number of out-of-the-box objects ready to be used just with your graphical design.


Content editing eased by pre-defined models

Platinum WYSIWYG editor is based on TinyMCE: the most complete Open-Source editor available today on the web, user-friendly and easy to use. The basic TinyMCE editor has been enhanced in order to:

(1) easily manage the online form fields;

(2) automatically include in a page user profile data (e.g. to edit a Modify your Profile page or to edit an email to be customized with users data);

(3) embed a YouTube video in a page;

(4) select and apply predefined models to content editing (a model may also contain non-editable content).

The editor comes in 3 different levels, depending on the operators' skill. Each operator can be, indeed, assigned either a full, standard or basic editor level.



Platinum enables you to manage content versions for your website, by storing a copy of the content whenever a modification occurs. This important feature enables you to restore old versions of a content. You can just access all of the content versions, check it, and click on 'RESTORE' to retrieve a previous version in place of the current one.



A centralized archives library to store in one place multimedia contents, files, content models, data gathered via online forms, and the website navigation logs. Multimedia and files archives can be organized in folders to better structure your digital assets. They can be moved from ine folder to another one, just by dragging & dropping it through your mouse.

Images can be resized with a simple click, either during the upload phase or later on, once they are stored in the media archive. Each size of the image is physically a different file from the original one.


Platinum CMS meets YOUR needs as...

Your needs as a Web Agency

Web Agency

Reduced website development & delivery time, with no graphical constraints.
Your Web Marketing & Communication needs

Web Marketing

A content platform that enables you to manage website contents optimized for SEO objectives.
Your needs as a Marketing Department

Marketing Department

Manage the digital assets of your company fully independent, with no needs to ask external providers or the IT department.
Your needs as an IT Department

IT Department

A mature and robust platform suitable to manage the Internet / Intranet websites of your company.
Your System Integration needs

System Integrator

A content platform easy to integrate with external sources (ERP, company DBs, Third-party applications, etc.).
Platinum CMS is integrated with Alfresco
Platinum CMS is integrated with Alfresco ECM, enabling you to access your docs repository from your website.
Platinum has been integrated with several social media & tools, such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Google, WordPress.