E-Commerce Module

Platinum: a CMS platform providing built-in e-Commerce and e-Catalogue features, to manage your on-line B2C and B2B, multi-language, multi-country and multi-currency.

Product catalogue                                                           

The eCommerce module integrated in Platinum enables you to manage a catalogue where products can be organized in categories and subcategories. You can import your products directly from your ERP into the Platinum catalogue where you can then enrich them with further digital contents such as: photos, videos, descriptions, main features, online sales prices (multi-currency).

Each product can be assigned a number of related products and variants available for purchase.


Pricelists management                               

With Platinum e-Commerce module you can manage several pricelists, which can be related to specific profiled users groups. This important feature enables you to define different selling prices to different kind of customers.


Payments management                               

Payment methods can be manyfold: online transaction via credit card, PayPal, bank transfer and so on.

In case of a B2B eCommerce, addressed to your known customers with whom you have agreed specific payment conditions stored in your ERP, you can apply each customer its own payment condition.


Delivery rates management                     

Since delivery rates applied by your courier may vary per quantity and destination address, you need to upload within the eCommerce module a simple table necessary to calculate the exact rates to be applied to each order. Delivery rate is then summed to the order total amount.


Orders management and Sales documents

The orders you get online can be accessed through the back-end, where you can filter them by code, customer's name, etc. and export them in a CSV file. For each order you can manage its status, as well as for each sold item within an order.

At delivery time you can include a tracking delivery code, so as to enable your customer to track the goods he/she has bought.

For each order you can produce and print both a voucher related to the delivery and the sales invoice.


User's personal area and tracking           

If you wish to provide your customers with a full and professional service, then you have to enable them to access their own personal restricted area, where they can find, among other information, all orders placed on your eCommerce.

For each order, customer could see status, track delivery, and purchase documents (e.g. the invoice).

Browsing through your e-Catalogue          

You can develop your catalogue to be browsed online manyfold, such as:

(1) browsing by categories, just as they are stored in the back-end catalogue;

(2) browsing by filters: via a dashboard, to be graphically designed ad-hoc, through which the user selects the product features that filter a subset of products, independently of the categories they belong to;

(3) browsing by wizard, to be graphically designed ad-hoc, through which the user is guided step by step to a subset of products corresponding to the features he/she selects.

Each product sheet can be also subject to comments by users.


Warehouses management                            

If you deal with products physically stored in different warehouses, either geographically or virtually, you can manage each warehouse information, within the eCommerce module. So that, for each product you can specify in which warehouses it's stored and its stock. Information about the stock is of course kept updated according to on-line and off-line sales (through a synchronization with your ERP).


VAT rates management                                

The eCommerce module integrated in Platinum is able to take the right VAT rate to be applied depending on which country your company is located, the kind of goods you are selling online, and where the goods must be dispatched. You just have to upload, within the eCommerce module, a simple table including VAT rates information to be applied to each specific order.


Mailing to users and eCommerce administrators

The eCommerce module integrated in Platinum enables you to set up all different emails you need to automatically send to customers according to the order status. E.g., an email is sent to customer depending on the payment method he/she has chosen. Or, an email can be sent to customer whenever his/her order change status, and so on.

Each email can be configured and automatically customized with both customer's and order data, simply using the built-in content editor provided by Platinum.


Wish List                                                            

You might want to provide your eCommerce user with a my wish list feature, i.e. a list where he/she can place his/her favourite products. Such a list is of course managed autonomously by the user and can be accessed in his/her personal area.


Platinum CMS meets YOUR needs as...

Your needs as a Web Agency

Web Agency

Reduced website development & delivery time, with no graphical constraints.
Your Web Marketing & Communication needs

Web Marketing

A content platform that enables you to manage website contents optimized for SEO objectives.
Your needs as a Marketing Department

Marketing Department

Manage the digital assets of your company fully independent, with no needs to ask external providers or the IT department.
Your needs as an IT Department

IT Department

A mature and robust platform suitable to manage the Internet / Intranet websites of your company.
Your System Integration needs

System Integrator

A content platform easy to integrate with external sources (ERP, company DBs, Third-party applications, etc.).
Platinum CMS is integrated with Alfresco
Platinum CMS is integrated with Alfresco ECM, enabling you to access your docs repository from your website.
Platinum has been integrated with several social media & tools, such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Google, WordPress.